Who We Help

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Supporting children and young people

The small team of staff and volunteers are trained and have years of experience in supporting children and young people who have been affected by domestic abuse.

We understand how domestic abuse has an impact on children and young people. Whether they’ve witnessed or have been abused themselves, we see children and young people as victims who needs support to help them develop and recover. That is why our childcare is tailored to meet the needs of each individual child.

We allocate spaces for our nursery and after-school club depending on need. Visit the Criteria page for more information.

Visit our Childcare page for more information about our nursery and after-school club.

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Supporting families

Centre 56 provides support for parents and families, too. We offer different ways to help you to recover and move on.

Whether you have experienced domestic abuse or a crisis, Centre 56 can help.

We have highly experienced and qualified staff who understand the needs of people who have suffered domestic abuse or a crisis situation.

Centre 56 supports people like Sevilay, who after enduring six years of abuse, is now employed, supporting her children and living a happy, independent life. You can read Sevilay’s full story here.

Visit Ways We Help for full information about what we can do to support you and your family.

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Helping you in times of crisis

Centre 56 also offers support to families who have been in a crisis situation. This includes:

  • Families who are living in temporary accommodation
  • Families affected by mental health or addiction
  • Refugee families who are isolated and lack support in the UK
  • Families affected by serious illness or disability
  • Families affected by bereavement
  • A parent or sibling is in prison
  • Isolated single parents.

Get in touch with us for more information.

C56 Who we help - Operation Encompass

We’re an Operation Encompass Setting

This means we are taking part in a project which is ran jointly between settings like ourselves and the police.

This project called Operation Encompass has been designed to inform schools and settings like us as early as possible when the police have attended an incident of domestic violence or abuse which might have impact on a child.

As an Operation Encompass Setting, we receive notification on the morning of the next working day from the local authority should a child be present at a domestic abuse incident so we can offer the best support to the child and their family immediately afterwards.

For more information, please visit www.operationencompass.org