Centre 56 provides domestic abuse support for families and children. It provides childcare, information and support for families who have suffered, or are at risk of suffering from, domestic abuse or a crisis situation 


We help children to thrive by helping the whole family. By providing a tailored childcare service, we give parents and families time to recover.

We have highly experienced and qualified staff who understand the needs of people who have suffered domestic abuse or a crisis situation.

Our experience and understanding support families to manage their situation, enabling them to flourish.

We help families who need domestic abuse support by finding and signposting them to correct services, so they can recover and reengage in society.


Coffee mornings

Each week we offer an informal drop-in coffee morning for anyone who has suffered from domestic abuse,



We often run courses at the Centre for parents who want to learn new skills and improve their confidence and self-esteem.

Personal and Social Development

We recently ran a Personal and Social Development Level 1. This course helps to improve communication skills and confidence while gaining a recognised qualification. This qualification can help gain employment or volunteer work.

Healthy Eating Cookery 

We often hold free healthy eating cookery sessions where you can learn how to cook and eat healthily on a budget.

For more information about our courses, contact us or visit our Facebook page.


Case study

When Jane* arrived at Centre 56 with her two young children she had endued years of living in fear. After many years of walking on eggshells she had fled her home where her partner had abused her.

Nothing she did was right for him, and he sometimes made the children watch while he “beat the living daylights” out of her. When her children tried to intervene, he hurt them too.

*Jane is a fictional name to protect her identity.

Unfortunately Jane’s case is not uncommon.

  • Two women are murdered every week by their partner or ex-partner in domestic abuse-related incidents
  • Each year there are over 28,300 domestic abuse incidents in Merseyside alone.

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