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Learning all about Halloween and Autumn!

With spooky season just around the corner, the children we support have been learning all about Halloween and Autumn.

From having lots of fun making potions and spells and exploring what happens when they mix colours. To developing their independence by learning to dress up in spooky costumes. They have also enjoyed developing their creative and mark making skills by painting Halloween pictures which we've displayed proudly at our centre.

Making potions for Halloween at Centre 56

The little ones have even participated in different festivals and celebrations by decorating the nursery with spooky decorations! 

Halloween display at Centre 56

On top of all that, they have looked at seasons and changes over time, exploring the outdoors by collecting autumn leaves, feeling the textures as they get crisp before making beautiful autumn wreaths.  

Making Autumn wreaths

Autumn display at Centre 56

It's been a really great time of learning and we have loads more activities taking place over the next few weeks to support the children’s understanding of Autumn and Halloween!

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