Centre 56 Criteria

Centre 56’s criteria for childcare helps to prioritise children when there is more demand than there are available spaces in either the nursery or after-school club. This is to ensure we provide a tailored service to meet the needs of those that need it most.

If there is more than one child waiting in the same category, we will allocate places based on when we received your application.

We will ask you to provide contact details of someone who knows you professionally and can confirm your circumstances meet our criteria.


Domestic abuse

  • Children who are currently living in a refuge or other temporary accommodation because of domestic abuse.
  • Children who are living in a family where there is current, or there has been, domestic abuse within the past two years.
  • Other children from families that have experienced domestic abuse, such as younger siblings of children already attending Centre 56.

If you are experiencing abuse and require urgent advice or if it is an an emergency, please call 999.


Crisis situations

  • Children who are homeless or living in temporary accommodation.
  • Children who are living in a family where one or both parents receive support for mental health problems or addiction.
  • The child provides regular care for another family member, such as their parent or sibling.
  • Children who are refugees or part of a newly arrived family who are isolated and lack support in the UK.
  • The children are known to social services.
  • They are living with extended family.


Other crisis situations

We consider other circumstances on a case-by-case basis if we think a child would benefit from our services. Examples of other circumstances we will consider include: serious illness or disability, bereavement, parent or sibling in prison, and isolated single parents.


If you would like to find out more about Centre 56’s criteria for childcare places, please Contact Us.

Find out more about Centre 56’s Childcare services.

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