Recent courses we have offered include:

Positive You Course – This 10 week course looks at all aspects of supporting individuals to become more confident, assertive and independent

Complimented Course – A 2 week follow on course concentrating on the impact of Domestic Abuse and how it affects the children involved.

Good Health Course – In conjunction with Community Cooks we facilitate awareness sessions to families and individuals in the purpose built kitchen at the Centre on how to cook on a budget and nourishing meals for a healthy eating and lifestyle.  We hope to launch a cook book including recipes from the participating families.

Further education – We work with the local Adult Learning Centres and Colleges to facilitate fun taster sessions to encourage returning to vocational and further education.

In addition to our formal courses we offer the following additional services:

Parenting Skills – We offer guidance and support on parenting skills for all families including complex families.

Engaging with the Community – We supply food parcels and offer clothing to those families in need.